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Falling glass injures three people in Malé

There were three separate incidents on Monday.



Three people were injured in separate incidents Monday after they were hit by glass windows that fell from buildings in the capital Malé.

On Monday morning, two migrant workers were injured after a glass sheet fell from the Maaveyo Mosque construction site, according to police.

Both men required treatment at the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital for minor injures. One worker hurt his back and the other cut his finger. Both were wearing safety helmets when the accident occurred, police said.

At noon, a glass object fell from the 4th floor of the Malé Grand apartment complex, injuring a 36-year-old Maldivian woman who was also treated at IGMH for minor cuts to her hand.

The third incident occurred around 7:45pm when strong winds caused an aluminium window to fall from the 4th floor of a building in the Maafannu ward.

No one was harmed, police said.

There have been a spate of accidents with objects falling from construction sites in the densely-packed capital city.

Two Maldivians and four Indian workers from a construction company are presently on trial over the death of an eight-year-old girl who was hit by a cement bag.

Authorities launched inspections of all construction sites after horrific video footage of the tragic accident in December sparked public outrage.

In February, a Bangladeshi construction worker was killed after being hit by a falling stone.