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Worker killed in construction accident

The 44-year-old Bangladeshi man was hit by a falling stone.



A Bangladeshi worker was killed Sunday night after he was hit by a falling stone at a construction site in Hulhumalé.

The accident in the capital’s suburb occurred around 7:50pm and the object fell from the fifth floor, police informed the media. The 44-year-old victim, who sustained serious head injuries, was dead on arrival at the Hulhumalé hospital.

In a separate incident around midnight, a 58-year-old man was hit by a cutting board that fell from the ninth floor of a building in the Galolhu ward of Malé. He was treated for a two-inch-deep cut to his head and bruises near his right elbow, police said.

Inspections of all construction sites in Malé and its suburb islands were launched in December after an eight-year-old Bangladeshi girl was killed by a falling cement bag. A review of safety regulations were also ordered after horrific video footage of the tragic accident sparked public outrage.

Last month, the girl’s parents called for accountability and vowed to remain in the Maldives until the investigation into her death is concluded.

Long overdue construction site safety regulations came into force on January 30. The new rules specify minimum standards and prescribe penalties for violations. Construction companies were required to provide workers with safety equipment such as helmets, belts and masks within a month.

Other regulations required by the construction law are expected to be enacted in March.