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Youth stabbed in Maldives capital

The victim was rushed to hospital by members of the public.



A young man was stabbed Monday night near the Olympus theatre in Malé.

The assault was reported to police around 10:48pm, according to a spokesman. The victim was rushed to the nearby ADK hospital by members of the public.

The extent of injuries is unclear but some reports suggest his condition was serious.

Photos of the victim lying in a pool of blood beside a fallen motorbike have been circulating on social media.

Several stabbings, believed to have been reprisals between rival gangs, occurred in the capital during the past few months.

On August 31, Ibrahim Agil was stabbed to death near the central bank building, a short distance from the police and military headquarters.

A 25-year-old man was stabbed eight times on August 7, while a 22-year-old man was stabbed in the head on August 3.

More recently, a 22-year old man was stabbed during a gang fight in Addu City last Saturday. The victim was brought to Malé and underwent surgery for severe injuries at the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital.

Ten suspects between 17 to 26 years of age have since been taken into custody in connection with gang violence in the southernmost atoll.

Eight cases of assault were reported in the first week of October after 78 cases in September, according to police statistics.