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Fifth stabbing in Hulhumalé

The man was stabbed eight times on Tuesday morning.



A 25-year-old man was stabbed eight times in the capital’s suburb on Tuesday morning, local media reported.

He was taken to Hulhumalé hospital at 7:10 am, according to a hospital official, then transferred to TreeTop hospital at 11:30 am after his condition stabilized.

There have been five stabbings in the suburb since July.

Police confirmed a man was attacked near the STO hotel construction site in Hulhumalé and that an investigation was ongoing.

In a separate incident, a 22-year old was attacked last Thursday night on the island.

Ismail Nadir, who works at a Hulhumalé watersports centre, was assaulted with a metal rod while he was at the beach. His condition is critical, family members told local media.

He has had two operations at Treetop Hospital.

“He’s kept unconscious with his skull open,” a family member said. “The doctors said they would close his skull once the inflammation goes down.”

His medical bills are piling up and he would have to stay in the private hospital for another month, his family added.

Appeals have been made for medical aid.

Photo: Nattu Adnan