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Two suspects in custody after Fuvahmulah stabbing

The teenage victim is in critical condition after he was stabbed inside his house.



Two suspects have been arrested over the stabbing of a teenager Wednesday night in Fuvahmulah City.

A 21-year-old man and 15-year-old boy are in custody, police told the media. The victim has been identified as Ahmed Inan Ibrahim from the Ultra house in the Maadhadu ward of the southern island.

The 17-year-old is in critical condition after he was stabbed five times in the head, according to the Fuvahmulah hospital. His skull was fractured and he was also stabbed in other parts of the body, the hospital manager said.

Inan is breathing through a ventilator and the hospital is making arrangements to transfer him to Malé for scans and further treatment.

The assault was reported to police around 8:50pm.

The victim’s father told Sun he was stabbed inside his room by two masked assailants.

Inan’s mother, who was at home at the time with fellow students of a Quran course, fainted when she saw her son with stab wounds. She was admitted at the Fuvahmulah hospital and sedated, the father said.