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Ugail to give up British citizenship

The Maldivian professor gave no reason for his decision.



Professor Hassan Ugail said Wednesday he would be renouncing his British citizenship, a week after the ruling party said a Maldivian should be barred from contesting a presidential election for 10 years after giving up dual nationality.

Social media chatter at the time suggested this move was aimed at heading off a presidential bid from Ugail, who had been touted as a possible opposition candidate.

Ugail gave no reason for his decision.

“Shortly I shall be submitting my application to renounce my British citizenship which I have been holding for over 15 years. I shall remain just a Maldivian. #ProudToBeJustAMaldivian,” he said in a Facebook post.

He previously said he had no intention of running for president.

“However my name has been floated around,” he told Mihaaru. “I think this amendment has been targeted at me to close the opportunity just in case.”