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Islamic ministry probes celebration of Hindu festival

Indian teachers celebrated the festival on Kulhudhuffushi island.



The Islamic ministry has launched a probe after expatriate teachers celebrated an Indian harvest festival at the private Ameer Ameen school on Kulhudhuffushi island.

Indian teachers working on the northern island reportedly marked Onam, a harvest festival celebrated in the southern state of Kerala.

The probe was launched after the authorities were alerted to an alleged religious event at a school, the Islamic ministry tweeted on Tuesday night after photos were widely shared on social media.

In a press release, the Kulhudhuffushi island council said the event was held last Friday with the permission of the school, which was granted after the teachers assured in writing that no activity contrary to Islam would take place. 

Islam is the state religion of the Maldives and the constitution states a non-Muslim cannot become a citizen. Maldivian law prohibits the public worship of other religions as well as the import of non-Islamic religious literature and objects of worship.