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Imam questioned over refusal to deliver ‘politicised’ sermon

An island Imam questioned over his refusal to read a controversial Friday sermon has accused the Islamic ministry of using religion for politics.



An island imam questioned over his refusal to read a Friday sermon prepared by the Islamic ministry has accused it of using religion for politics, reports Mihaaru.

Usman Abdul Samad, imam of the Laamu atoll Maamendhoo mosque, told the ministry’s inquiry Sunday that he believed the sermon titled ‘The haakima [ruler] is a blessing’ would have angered worshippers with political tensions running high over a state of emergency.

Maamendhoo council brought over an imam from Gan for the Friday prayer on February 16.

“I express concern with religious advice and Friday sermons becoming politicised and the spread of commentary contrary to what Islam dictates about rulers,” the newspaper reported, quoting from Usman’s statement.

The controversial sermon was reportedly revised at the last minute and drew widespread criticism on social media.