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Audit finds negligence at health ministry

An audit of the health ministry revealed negligence and poor record-keeping.



More than MVR96 million (US$6.19 million) was paid as overtime at the capital’s state-run hospital, but overtime was allowed without proper oversight and details of it were not properly recorded, an audit showed.

A 2015 audit of the health ministry also showed that staff at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital clocked up to 24 hours of overtime in one session, an issue highlighted in the 2014 audit but one that was not remedied.

There was negligence too in welfare aid, with more than MVR198,000 given out to pay water bills, overseas medical bills and international travel tickets, without vetting procedures and guarantees that the money was given to those who needed it.

The National Social Protection Agency provided medical welfare aid worth more than MVR50 million, but did not follow procedures to check the living conditions of applicants.

It also breached guidelines by doling out more than MVR1 million in single parent allowance to married people. Records did not show if the 109 people given aid had spouses serving jail sentences, which was the only circumstance for such a payment.