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Malé gas explosion injures three

Two Sri Lankans and a Maldivian were injured in the blast.



A blast in a Malé restaurant kitchen injured three people and damaged nearby buildings early Saturday, local media reported.

The incident happened in Henveiru Parkside – a ten-storey building at the eastern end of the capital – which houses the popular restaurant Shell Beans.

Three people, two expatriates and a Maldivian, were injured. One expatriate suffered 30 percent burns and is in critical condition, the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) said and all three are being treated at ADK hospital, it said.

Raajjemv reported the injured expatriates were Sri Lankan nationals who worked at the restaurant. The other Sri Lankan had glass shrapnel in his leg.

The blast shattered windows and the glass flew more than 300 feet, eyewitnesses told Raajjemv.

The injured Maldivian was an 18-year-old who was asleep in a nearby house when the blast happened. He was also injured by glass shrapnel.

The MNDF said a gas pipe leak was the likely cause of explosion and that police were investigating.