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Anger over 9/11 depiction in Maldives island Eid celebration

The finale of the Maafaru Eid event features a plastic plane hanging from a wire and crashing into the tower.



Islanders in the Maldives are being criticised for holding an Eid celebration event that depicted a plane crashing into a tower.

The event took place on Maafaru, Noonu Atoll, and photos posted on social media show men acting as terrorists. They are armed with mock rifles made out of wood and there is a 20-foot tower with a US flag on top of it.

The finale features a plastic plane hanging from a wire and crashing into the tower, with smoke and fire billowing out. Young children can be seen looking on.

The celebration of Eid al-Adha in the Maldives normally includes the Maali parade, which depicts monsters from traditional folklore.

An event organiser told the Maldives Independent that what happened on Maafaru was not a celebration of the terror attacks that killed thousands of people in New York.

“This is an educational event,” he said. “We describe the people as terrorists too. It shows Osama bin Laden and other terrorists as well. We also show the aftermath with doctors treating the injured and all of that.”

The same spectacle has been held on the island for at least two consecutive years and was held before that too, according to the organiser.

The photos were shared on Facebook.

“Not funny. A lot of innocents lost their lives due to this attack. More of them died in the conflicts that came after this. And it is still going on. Not acceptable,” one person wrote in response.

“This is not funny! Why are they mocking such an event?” another said.

The Maldives Independent has contacted the US embassy for comment.

Photo: Mee Dhivehin