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Voters list published for parliamentary polls

Some 264,589 people are eligible to vote.



The Elections Commission has published the list of eligible voters for the upcoming parliamentary polls with a deadline of February 9 to submit complaints. 

Complaints have to be lodged at the national complaints bureau in the capital or with island councils and district offices in the southern cities of Addu and Fuvahmulah.

The EC also decided to keep ballot boxes in countries with more than 100 registered voters and resorts with more than 50 registered voters.

During the 2018 presidential election, ballot boxes were kept only in India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia and in resorts with over 100 voters.

But EC member Ahmed Akram said the number of boxes will increase for the upcoming polls as the EC has already decided to set up polling stations in Thailand and Bangladesh.

Some 264,589 people are eligible to vote, up from 262,135 who were eligible during the most recent election in September.

The EC started accepting applications and candidacy papers on Monday with a deadline of February 21 to contest for 87 constituencies in the People’s Majlis.