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Two new constituencies for 2019 parliamentary elections

The number of constituencies rises to 87.



The Elections Commission has added two new constituencies in the capital ahead of the March 2019 parliamentary elections.

The mid-Machangoalhi constituency was created in Malé’s central ward and the Hulhu-Henveiru constituency was divided to create separate constituencies for Henveiru West and Hulhumalé, an island suburb of the capital.

Other constituencies and boundaries will remain the same from the 2014 parliamentary elections, EC chief Ahmed Shareef told the press Tuesday.

The constituencies were finalised after considering complaints submitted to a provisional report gazetted last month, he added.

The electoral body was lobbied to create new constituencies in Addu City and the Kolamaafushi island in Gaaf Alif atoll. But the EC decided it was not in the best interests of the constituents in the southern atolls.

Shareef said new constituencies were created in the capital because of the population growth of the Malé dhafthar, a special registry for long-term residents from other islands. They are divided among the capital’s constituencies.

There are presently 85 MPs in the People’s Majlis with each representing an electoral constituency of 5,000 people.