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Charges raised against detained Special Ops police

The eight Specials Ops officers were initially accused of planning to violently confront on-duty police officers when the Supreme Court ordered the release of political prisoners on February 1.



Charges have been raised against eight policemen detained on charges of conspiring to overthrow the government, local media reported Saturday.

The eight Specials Ops officers, who were arrested in February after a state of emergency was declared, were initially accused of planning to violently confront on-duty police officers after a shock Supreme Court order for the release of nine prisoners.

The sacked officers are reportedly facing charges on numerous counts, including failure to perform official duties, obstruction of law enforcement and disrupting public order.

They were also charged under the 2015 anti-terrorism law with “exerting an undesirable influence on the government or the state” and aiding an act of terrorism.

President Abdulla Yameen contends the February 1 Supreme Court ruling – which effectively reinstated an opposition parliament majority and freed his jailed opponents ahead of elections in September – triggered a constitutional crisis and set in motion a failed coup d’etat.

Former Police Commissioner Ahmed Areef, who was sacked after he tried to execute the order, was accused of trying to incite unrest by making changes to police operations and bringing together handpicked individuals to confront police officers on duty.

The detained ex-policemen include former Specialist Operations commander Saif Hussain, station inspector Faiz Mohamed, sergeant Ahmed Asim, sergeant Ali Rishwan, sergeant Abdulla Riyaz, corporal Ali Naseer, corporal Hassan Naseer, and corporal Mohamed Shamin.