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New penal code comes into effect! A truly historic moment

“Today is July 16, 2015, a momentous day in the history of the Maldives’ criminal justice system. The penal code of 1968 expired at 11:59pm on July 15. In this historic moment, 12am on July 16, 2015, a brand new penal code comes into force in the Maldives,” writes Hussein Shameem, the former deputy Prosecutor General.

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Will the new anti-terror bill deter Maldivian ‘Jihadists’?

The anti-terror bill metes out up to 20 years in jail for Maldivians who join foreign wars. But how effective can harsh penalties be when the government is yet to publicly acknowledge how wide spread extremism is in the Maldives? asks Mohamed Hameed, the former head of the police intelligence directorate.

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Did former Maldives leader receive a fair trial?

In such a politically charged case, media reporting can take a sensationalist and selective approach, writes Toby Cadman. “As with all cases, there are two sides to any argument, but the government’s position has not been given any attention and the offence for which the former president was convicted has been unnecessarily trivialized.”

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Mosque, story of my country

The sermons coming out of the Mosque almost always address matters relating to creed, never relating them to issues that are more directly connected to socio-economic problems, writes Aisha Hussein Rasheed.

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