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Sports festival concludes with match up between politicians

President Solih promised more sporting events to promote unity and healthy lifestyles.



A two-day sports festival to celebrate the inauguration of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih concluded Monday night with a football match between politicians.

More competitions and events will take place in the future as sports bring people together, Solih told Raajje TV after the match at the national stadium in Malé. “Spending time with fun and passion after setting aside differences of opinion is beneficial as well for good health,” he added.

The new administration will pave the way for athletes to progress in various sports, he pledged.

The rival teams of politicians led by President Solih and Speaker Gasim Ibrahim included former president Mohamed Nasheed,  Vice President Faisal Naseem, Adhaalath Party leader Imran Abdulla, cabinet ministers and lawmakers.

Four other 20-minute matches were also played between teams of the under-19 national men’s team, the under-19 national women’s team, and two legends teams made up of veteran players.

The ‘Dhulhaheyo Hashiheyo Eid’ (Fit and Healthy) sports festival took place with the participation of 17 sports associations and 15 organisations. It kicked off Sunday with water sports at the capital’s official jetty.

President Solih and coalition leaders joined several activities organised throughout Malé.

Carrying out the sports festival across the country, arranging public exercising spaces, designating a sports councillor for each island, and granting a budget of at least MVR500,000 (US$32,425) to sports associations are among policies to be enacted in the first 100 days of the new government.

Photos from the president’s office