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News in brief: Addu City hit by severe flooding

Floodwaters entered more than 280 homes.



Heavy rain causes severe flooding in Addu City

More than 280 houses were damaged in the southernmost atoll due to flooding caused by heavy downpours since Friday night, the Addu City Council told state media on Sunday.

The Feydhoo island or ward was the worst affected with rainwaters seeping into 128 homes, displacing the residents of more than 40 households. Several households were evacuated across the interconnected islands and displaced people were moved to temporary shelters.

According to the Met office, 107 millimeters of rain was recorded in Addu from 8pm on Friday night to 6am on Saturday morning. All major roads were inundated. 

Policemen helped 140 households to take safety measures or draining flood water, police said on Saturday.

“This is not normal rain or flooding. I think we see it as more of a storm,” Mayor Abdulla Sodig told the press.

According to the Met, rainfall normally increases during October throughout central and southern atolls. Scattered showers are expected across the country according to the 24 hour weather forecast.


Japan donates ambulances worth US$1.4million

The Japanese government has donated 21 ambulances to the Maldives as part of a US$2.8 million grant committed to the health sector. 

The ambulances were sent to 21 islands across 15 atolls.

Maldivian confused as a former lawmaker held in Indian airport 

A Maldivian man was held in an Indian airport after immigration officers confused him with former ruling party MP Ahmed Nihan.

Ahmed Nihan, a senior magistrate at the Maamigili island court, travelled to India with a sibling for medical treatment. He was reportedly stopped and questioned for about 20 minutes.

The magistrate was shown photos of his namesake, according to family members who informed local media.

Former majority leader Nihan was barred from entering India in June 2018 as diplomatic relations soured during the previous administration. 

Bollywood star to lead Maldives fitness campaign

Indian actor Sunil Shetty will be leading a government fitness campaign in the Maldives as the country’s ‘Wellness Ambassador.’ The ‘Mission Fit Maldives’ campaign organised by the youth ministry will be modeled after Shetty’s ‘Mission Fit India.’

Maldivian wins city council election in New Zealand

A Maldives-born New Zealander has won a local city council seat. Shazly Rasheed, a business owner in Hutt City, ran for the city council for the first time after residing in New Zealand for 23 years.

According to New Zealand media,  Shazly was sent an anonymous racist letter during her campaign that told her to “go back to the country you came from.”

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