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Licensed lawyers in Maldives exceed 1,500

Some 181 new graduates were awarded licenses to practice law Monday night.



Lawyers play a vital role in the protection of fundamental rights, Chief Justice Dr Ahmed Abdulla Didi said Monday night, as he oversaw the induction of new lawyers.

He was speaking during an oath-taking ceremony at the capital’s convention centre after 181 new graduates were awarded licenses to practice law. More than 1,500 lawyers are now licensed to practice in the Maldives, with a batch of 170 lawyers sworn-in earlier this year.

“If the legal profession worked in a manner that didn’t serve these important purposes, it will become something that affects the functioning of the state,” Didi said at the ceremony.

He urged those in the legal profession to uphold independence and adhere to professional standards.

Last month, Didi replaced former chief justice Abdulla Saeed, who was convicted in May and controversially removed from the bench.

In his remarks, Attorney General Mohamed Anil spoke about standardising legal coursework across Maldivian colleges and universities.

The legal education curriculum in the Maldives was questioned by lawyers, he said, adding that it was the government’s aim to ensure a higher quality of education.

“In some countries, entry into a law degree requires three or four years of education or a first degree in another relevant field,” he said.

“While we are expanding this profession, we will be implementing necessary action with other government stakeholders after considering all of this. God willing, changes need to be brought through a law passed by the Majlis.”