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Dengue, flu, viral fever cases drop in June

Cases of dengue, flu, viral fever and influenza spiked in the Maldives earlier this year.



The Health Protection Agency reported a drop in the spread of communicable diseases for June.

Earlier this year the HPA urged people to take precautions as dengue, flu, viral fever and influenza increased across the Maldives.

There was at least one fatality in an influenza outbreak as hundreds of people sought flu and viral fever treatment every day.

But Health Ministry statistics for June show a drop in the number of reported cases in communicable diseases.

Some 620 cases of dengue fever were reported in May, decreasing to 385 in June.

Viral fever cases dropped to 8,363 in June, from 14,707 cases in May, and flu cases dropped to 19,958 from 30,735.

But the figures indicate a rise in diarrhea, from 2,652 cases in May to 3,049 cases in June.

Several people died in 2016 because of dengue, including a seven-month old boy and a 61-year-old woman.

More than 200 people came down with the influenza virus in early 2017, with six fatalities caused by the H1N1 or swine flu.

Photo: ADK Hospital