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HPA advises precautions amid increase of dengue and flu

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has asked people to take precautions as dengue, the flu, viral fever, and influenza increase across the country.



The Health Protection Agency has advised precautions to curb a spike in influenza, dengue and viral fever across the Maldives.

The number of reported cases of influenza is higher compared to other months, the HPA said Sunday, noting that lifestyle changes during Ramadan could contribute to the spread of diseases.

The recommended precautionary measures include being cautious of mosquitos during dawn and sunset hours, ensuring good hygiene during food preparations, disposing of food safely and avoiding non-essential visits to hospitals.

The HPA previously warned of increased dengue risk in late April but was silent on reported fatalities.

Mihaaru reported Sunday that household waste generated in the first five days of Ramadan was between 120-140 tonnes, up from the 70-75 tonnes in previous months.

Nearly six garbage bags are now collected from every household instead of the typical two bags, a Waste Management Corporation spokesman told the paper.

WAMCO struggled with the increase in waste during the first days of Ramadan, leading to an accumulation of garbage bags on the streets of the capital. The company has since added an extra daytime collection shift for Ramadan.

Last month, the Malé city council also warned about the risk of disease outbreak due to increased litter in the capital’s streets.