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A dozen people still in custody after anti-Yameen protests

Police have given their own tally on how many people were arrested during weekend protests.



Around a dozen people remain in police custody after taking part in anti-Yameen protests at the weekend.

A total of 26 people were arbitrarily arrested, according to the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party, including six MDP council members and 10 opposition supporters.

Three lawmakers who were detained were released the same day. Two journalists taken into custody have  also been released.

Lawyer Mahfooz Saeed confirmed 12 people are currently in custody.

Police, however, have given their own tally. “A total of 6 individuals were taken into custody during the illegal protest for obstruction of Police duty on the 16th and 17th of February,” they tweeted.

Lawyer Moosa Siraj challenged this claim.

“They are not charging all of them with obstruction of police duty and participating in illegal protest – some of them are being charged with inciting unrest,” he told the Maldives Independent.

“Some of them are being charged under state of emergency regulations, while normal procedures are being followed with others.”

He said only five people had been taken to remand hearings. “Police have said the only right [the detainees] have is access to lawyer,” he added.

The MDP said detainees were not allowed lawyers for two days.

Siraj said two MDP council members arrested at the protest would be released Monday and that five members of the MDP Youth Wing, who were arrested at a rally on February 10, would also be freed.

Three of them were placed under house arrest, while the other two were in prison. Two detainees from Haa Alif Ihavandhoo have also been released.