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President Solih meets ambassadors and foreign dignitaries

The new ambassador of the United States presented her letter of credence to the president.



The new ambassador of the United States, Alaina Teplitz, on Sunday morning presented her letter of credence to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Solih congratulated the ambassador and “expressed his appreciation for accepting the invitation and attending yesterday’s presidential inauguration ceremony,” according to the president’s office.

The pair “discussed ways to further strengthen bilateral relations between the Maldives and USA. They also assured of their continuous support and cooperation to each other in future endeavours.”

Ahead of the September 23 presidential election, the US threatened sanctions against officials in the Maldives “who undermine democracy, the rule of law, and a free and fair electoral process.”

On his first day in office, Solih also met with several ambassadors and foreign dignitaries who visited the Maldives to attend his swearing-in ceremony.

On Saturday night, the president met with envoys from the kings of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Special envoys who paid courtesy calls the following day included Chinese minister of culture and tourism Luo Shugang, member of the Japanese house of representatives Wataru Takeshita, former Sri Lankan president Chandrika Bandranaike Kumaratunga, and SAARC Secretary-General Amjad Hussain B Sial.

The new foreign minister, former MP Abdulla Shahid, meanwhile met with the new US ambassador as well as the ambassador of Singapore and the honorary consul of Maldives in Busan, South Korea.

Shahid, a former speaker of parliament who also served as foreign minister in a previous administration, was warmly welcomed by the foreign ministry Monday morning on the first official working day of the new government.