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President-elect announces town hall meetings

Solih wants to seek public opinion at the Jazeera Holhuashi meetings.



A series of town hall-style meetings with president-elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is due to begin in the capital Monday night.

Dubbed Jazeera Holhuashi, the meetings are intended to seek public opinion on issues, the president-elect’s spokeswoman told the press Saturday in her daily briefing.

Their views will inform the incoming administration’s policies and strategic plans, MP Mariya Ahmed Didi said.

“I will always listen to the public’s opinion and counsel before making decisions on matters related to the public,” president-elect Solih tweeted.

The first meeting will begin 8:30pm at the Dharubaaruge convention centre in Malé. The overcrowded capital’s roads is the first topic of discussion.

Since his decisive victory in September’s election, Solih has met with several NGOs and interest groups, most recently with Transparency Maldives and the Blind Association of Maldives.

The veteran lawmaker is scheduled to take the oath of office on November 17.