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News in brief: Maldives ambassador presents credentials to Queen

24 cases of child sexual abuse were reported in September.



Dr Farahanaz Faizal, ambassador to the United Kingdom, presented her letter of credence to Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

The ambassador also hosted a reception in London for “more than 100 guests” who included High Commissioners of Commonwealth and South Asian countries as well as members of the Maldives UK All-Party Parliamentary Group, British government officials, Maldivian diaspora and journalists, according to the foreign ministry.

Speaking at the event, the ambassador “expressed her hope for the Maldives’ application for reentry into the Commonwealth to be fast-tracked and thanked the Commonwealth Member countries and the United Kingdom for their continued support.”

On Wednesday, Caron Röhsler, the UK’s first resident ambassador to the Maldives, presented her letter of credence to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih during a ceremony at the president’s office. The new ambassador also called on Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid for an introductory meeting.

Met predicts heavy rainfall to continue

Fairly widespread rain with occasional heavy showers, thunderstorms and gusty winds are expected over the Maldives in the next 24 hours, the Maldives Meteorological Service warned around noon on Wednesday.

A low pressure area that has turned into a depression about 370km east of the northernmost island is likely to intensify further before moving northwest away from the Maldives, the Met office explained, advising precautionary measures in case of heavy rain and strong winds as well as rough seas and swell wave surges.

“Very intense convective clouds associated with the ‘depression’ are seen moving over northern atolls,” the Met office said.

Three arrested for threatening police officer

Three men were arrested from Fuvahmulah island on Tuesday over alleged death threats made against a police officer.

The three suspects, aged 19, 25 and 31, were taken into custody with an arrest warrant, police told the media.

Ring road plants dying

Trees planted on Malé’s outer ring road are dying, the environment ministry said on Wednesday, appealing against actions that cause harm and urging cooperation for the government’s RahFehi (Green Island) programme.

In addition to leaning heavy items against the trees, the ministry said it has noted that speedboat crew have been dumping used marine diesel and leaving uncovered bottles of diesel oil that seeps into the ground.

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