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Campaign trail: homecoming

Daily roundup of news from the campaign trail.



A daily roundup of headlines made by the candidates, running mates and their surrogates on the campaign trail.

September 14

  • Success marked of five projects carried out in Addu City Feydhoo, Maradhoo, Maradhoo-Feydhoo (PSM)
  • I’m surprised by the big support for Nasheed in Addu Hithadhoo: President Yameen (Mihaaru)
  • Organ transplant service will be available in Dharumavantha Hospital: president (PSM)
  • Big islands will be developed with a view to developing as cities in the future: president (PSM)
  • The whole nation will feel adverse effects of efforts to bring Maldives into disrepute: president (PSM)
  • President arrives in Fuvahmulah (PSM)
  • President inaugurates water and sewage services in Fuvahmulah (PSM)
  • MVR1.1 billion has been spent on Fuvahmulah: President Yameen (Mihaaru)
  • All the roads will be developed and Fuvahmulah City will be made a modern city: president (PSM)
  • Manifesto will be revealed at PPM mega rally: president (Avas)
  • First lady travels to L. atoll (PSM)
  • Dr Shaheem checks up on people of Maafannu (PSM)
  • We will lay tar on L. Isdhoo main road during president’s second term: Saeed (PSM)
  • We haven’t done anything like buying ID cards: PPM (Mihaaru)
  • Ibu has politicised employees, we won’t do that: Nihan (Raajje)
  • Opposition manifesto was formulated based on the thinking of particular people: Nihan (PSM)
  • It is obligatory for EC to check if Ibu is fit to contest for the presidency: Nihan (Raajje)
  • A foreigner coming to power is likely in an MDP government: Maseeh (PSM)
  • President Yameen is too smart to be tackled: Maseeh (Avas)
  • PPM starts special campaign activity for people coming to Malé (PSM)

Bending election laws, President Abdulla Yameen continued to campaign during official visits to inaugurate development projects in the two southernmost atolls. But some projects like water and sewage in Addu City were unfinished, according to the mayor.

Speaking on Feydhoo, Yameen expressed surprise over the support on Hithadhoo island for former president Mohamed Nasheed and the Maldivian Democratic Party. The MDP made a clean sweep of Addu City’s seven council seats in the past three municipal elections and its lawmakers represent five out of seven Addu constituencies in parliament.

The president urged groups of supporters from Feydhoo – represented by a ruling party lawmaker – to canvass support in the neighbouring island. “We have to get this boost in Hithadhoo. We have to give this vaccine in Hithadhoo,” he said.

Voters of Hithadhoo should give him the opportunity to build a bridge to Meedhoo, he added.

On his next stop, Yameen repeated the development pitch, pledging to make Fuvahmulah a “livable” and “urban city” with proper roads and waste management.

The re-election manifesto would be unveiled on Monday, he announced. The opposition coalition, on the other hand, lacks “a well-researched and thorough manifesto.”

  • Interest on construction loans will be reduced to five percent: Ibu (Avas)
  • We will try to develop medium-sized businesses: Ibu (Raajje)
  • There is no certainty that anyone can remain free: Ibu (Vnews)
  • We will establish a health system of the standard the people of Bodufolhudhoo want: Ibu (Raajje)
  • We will reclaim land and award plots in Bodufolhudhoo: Ibu (Mihaaru)
  • Ibu in Bodufolhudhoo: We will provide housing along with a modern mosque (Avas)
  • Coalition government will solve housing problem: Ibu (Raajje)
  • We will solve the housing problem facing Mahibadhoo (Vnews)
  • The public will secure a fair election this time: Ibu (Mihaaru)
  • Ibu’s native island impatient to show difference with a colourful welcome (Raajje)
  • One hour of love and empathy from Ibu’s native island (Mihaaru)
  • A very special welcome from Ibu’s native island (Avas)
  • Many people wanted Ibu’s autograph! (Mihaaru)
  • Ibu makes many pledges to Hinnavaru (Raajje)
  • I fully carried out the responsibility placed on me by the people: Ibu (Mihaaru)
  • The people of Hinnavaru gave me the honour of becoming the candidate: Ibu (Avas)
  • Two PPM councillors of Hinnavaru join MDP (Raajje)
  • Days of justice are ahead: Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Vnews)
  • Support of many Maldivians living in Malaysia for Ibu (Avas)
  • Faisal in Malaysia with Maldivians (Mihaaru)
  • Many pledges from Faisal: Aasandha will be available in Malaysia, visa problems will be solved! (Raajje)
  • Opposition manifesto panel discussion with Maldivian students in Malaysia (VFP)
  • Abbas to G.Dh to campaign for Ibu (Avas)
  • After September 23, President Yameen’s legacy will be history: Ameeth (Vnews)
  • Ibu lacks pridefulness and arrogance, he will succeed: Sheikh Ilyas (Raajje)
  • Ibu and Faisal are truthful and trustworthy: Sheikh Ilyas (Vnews)
  • We will resolve the complaints of students: Faisal (Mihaaru)
  • Take Malaysia as an example and say no to corruption: Faisal (Mihaaru)
  • “Take a lesson from Malaysia and say no to corruption” (Avas)
  • What we saw in Malaysia we’ll see in this time in Maldives: Faisal (Raajje)
  • Vote for Ibu to save the nation from tears and pain: Gasim (Vnews)
  • The participation of students is needed to develop the Maldives: Hassan Latheef (Raajje)
  • Some people are trying to mislead about the ‘Jazeera Raajje’ concept: Hassan Latheef (Vnews)
  • Democracy in the Maldives is suppressed: Shahid (Raajje)
  • September 23 is the day the people will come out to cut down the big tree of the state: Shahid (Vnews)
  • This government created a negative impression of President Maumoon: Nadira (Raajje)
  • It was President Maumoon who made President Yameen a man: Nadira (Vnews)
  • The coalition’s opponents are very dangerous tyrants: Ali Zahir (Raajje)
  • This is the time for the security services to say no to tyranny: Ali Zahir (Vnews)
  • The people of Faadhippolhu gifted a jewel to the nation: Shifaz (Raajje)
  • Ibu is a jewel Faadhippolhu gifted to the nation: Shifaz (Vnews)

Opposition candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih ‘Ibu’ drew media attention with an emotional homecoming on his native Hinnavaru island. Ibu’s speedboat was escorted into the harbour by jet skis and a flyboard jetpack. In a festive atmosphere, a procession of boduberu (traditional drums) and stick dance groups led the way as the candidate spent an hour shaking the hands of supporters lined up to greet him.

It was the longest line on any island so far, reporters observed. Many hugged the native son and took selfies. Ibu will take 80 percent of the vote from Hinnavaru, they said.

At a rally on the island Friday night, Ibu said the opposition parties united to pursue the goals of establishing justice, combating corruption and restoring public order. For Hinnavaru, he pledged to build a new football stadium and to upgrade the health centre to a hospital.

There was no fairness in providing public services, hiring and firing, or awarding promotions in the civil service and government companies, he continued, pledging to reinstate or compensate wrongfully terminated employees.

Faisal Naseem and several opposition figures including Adhaalath Party preacher Sheikh Ilyas Hussain meanwhile met supporters residing in Kuala Lumpur. The running mate pledged to resolve visa difficulties and to make the government health insurance scheme available in Malaysia.