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Audit flags illegal expenses by home ministry

More than MVR800,000 was spent on a boatyard.



The previous administration spent over MVR74 million (US$4.7 million) without evaluating tenders and MVR6.8 million without a bidding process, according to the home ministry’s audit report for 2016.

Among the institutions that function under the ministry, the Maldives Police Service spent MVR39.6 million on buying vehicles, uniforms and other items for police stations without evaluating tenders whilst the Maldives Correctional Services spent MVR16 million for a prefabricated steel jail and MVR4 million on teaching religious studies to inmates. 

The home ministry spent more than MVR2.5 million without a tendering process.

All the funds were used with the finance ministry’s authorisation with the exception of MVR2 million spent on the design and concrete framework for a rehabilitation centre in Maafushi prison. 

The police also spent MVR8. 6 million without an agreement and MVR6.8 million without bidding processes, of which MVR 840,257 was spent on building a boatyard for a replica of a boat that was used to liberate the Maldives from Portuguese rule in the sixteenth century. The replica was part of celebrations to mark 50 years of independence in July 2015.

Some MVR37 million was illegally paid as advance by the police, prisons authority and home ministry.