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Adeeb returns after medical furlough

Former vice president defied doubters by returning from medical treatment in India.



Former vice president Ahmed Adeeb and his wife. – File photo

Former vice president Ahmed Adeeb, who stands accused of grand corruption, returned to the Maldives on Saturday after more than three weeks in India receiving medical treatment.

Adeeb left the country on June 14 and was due back on the 26th, but his medical furlough was extended by 10 days for additional treatment and tests, according to the Maldives Correctional Service.

Local media reported that Adeeb’s eye doctor has recommended a follow-up consultation after six months. Mihaaru reported that Adeeb was diagnosed with glaucoma in 2017.

Adeeb, who served as former president Abdulla Yameen’s second deputy, was accused of plotting to assassinate Yameen and involvement in the embezzlement of more than US$90 million from state coffers. He was sentenced to 33 years in jail but had his convictions quashed in May by appellate courts on the grounds of undue political influence over the trials in 2016. The High Court has ordered fresh trials for two of the three convictions against Adeeb.

Following the prosecutor general’s appeal of the High Court’s ruling to dismiss the cases at the Supreme Court, the court ordered a fresh travel ban on Adeeb as the case is adjudicated.

The government’s decision to grant Adeeb medical leave incensed the public, who feared he might abscond. But the home ministry and police assured the parliamentary national security committee that there was “no chance” Adeeb could escape.

On Saturday, after Adeeb’s inbound flight landed, Home Minister Imran Abdulla tweeted that he had fulfilled the pledge to ensure Adeeb’s return.