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Maldives police in contempt of court, says Gasim

Gasim Ibrahim was found guilty of attempted bribery last August.



Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim accused police of being in contempt of court after they issued him with a summons and called him a fugitive.

Police posted notices last week on Twitter saying that opposition leaders Gasim and former president Mohamed Nasheed were under investigation for refusing to return to the Maldives and serve their prison sentences after their medical leave expired. The summons said they had to appear for questioning.

Gasim secured a special permit to travel to Germany after he was granted medical furlough in Singapore. He said Sunday that police should respect the court order that had allowed him to have treatment overseas.

“The Criminal Court has ordered the concerning state institutions to make arrangements so that I can have medical treatment abroad,” he said, referring to the verdict that sentenced him to three years in jail. “While I am getting medical treatment as given for in that order, calling me a fugitive and trying to summon me to the police is contempt of court.”

The social media summons drew criticism with former attorney general Husnu Suood pointing out that police violated Twitter privacy rules by including Nasheed and Gasim’s national identity card number, permanent address and date of birth.

Maldivian users have been reporting the official police account to Twitter. Police introduced new rules for issuing summons through social media in cases where they cannot be delivered in person.

Gasim was found guilty of attempted bribery in August 2017.