Islam ‘only religion’ permitted in Maldives, says ministry

Islam ‘only religion’ permitted in Maldives, says ministry
December 29 12:09 2017

There can only be one religion in the Maldives, the Islamic Ministry has said, urging people to avoid implying otherwise.

The remarks follow media criticism of human rights defender Shahindha Ismail who tweeted that Allah allowed for other faiths, challenging President Abdulla Yameen’s assertion that he would only permit Islam to be practiced in the Maldives.

A ministry statement issued around midnight Thursday said: “Allah does not accept any other religion but Islam. And he has said anyone who believes any other religion than Islam will be amongst the perishable on Judgement Day.

“So we remind you to reassert yourself in religion. Let’s strengthen the belief of citizens of our 100 percent Muslim country that Islam is Allah’s religion as written in the Quran. We caution and remind every Maldivian citizen to stop spreading unnecessary sayings in our society that imply giving space for any other faiths but Islam.”

Police confirmed earlier on Thursday they were investigating Ismail’s tweet but not on what grounds. Ruling party lawmaker Ahmed Nihan tweeted saying the matter needed to be looked into and thanked police for their action.

But many social media users said Ismail’s tweet did not oppose religion or Islam and that there was nothing to probe.

Ismail accused the tabloid news site which published the criticism of twisting her words and trying to get her killed.

Last month the Islamic Ministry said there would be housecalls for those insulting Islam on social media.

Police have said liberal blogger Yameen Rasheed was murdered by vigilante groups for “mocking Islam”.

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  1. Clarification
    December 29, 15:43 #1 Clarification

    The heading is wrong
    The ministry says that there is only one religion acceptable to God and that’s Islam

    So there are no ‘other’ religions as per God. Thus to acknowledge another religion, one has to disobey God … and not allowed

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  2. ThorGoLucky
    December 29, 23:35 #2 ThorGoLucky

    You cannot legislate reality. Not everyone falls for Islam.

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  3. 100%Hindu
    December 30, 13:05 #3 100%Hindu

    I was fortunate to be born a Hindu and have therefore no problem being ‘amongst the perishable on Judgement Day’.
    The wahabbi hate preachers of your Islamic Ministry should also make it clear that only Sunni Islam will be permitted in the Maldives and that the ‘wrong type of Muslims’ like Shias, Ahmadis, Barelvis and Sufis are kufr and will join the likes of me in hell.
    Happy New Year Mallus and may you catch a lot of fish in 2018. I was always told that eating fish made you intelligent so what happened to you?

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  4. bj
    December 30, 14:40 #4 bj

    my bucket list:
    tahiti, boracay, maldives, seychelles…

    ooops, i’m scratch out maldives.

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  5. michael fahmy
    January 01, 22:08 #5 michael fahmy

    Religion is not a matter to be controlled and guided by a government ministry.

    Maldives is an exception, of course.

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  6. Not stupid ?
    January 02, 16:26 #6 Not stupid ?

    @michael fahmy
    Maldives islam is not just the religion. It’s the basis of national identity. This is per the Maldives constitution

    The Maldives constitution trumps any human right treaties.. this is per the law of treaties.

    So it’s mind boggling how people challenge Islam in Maldives under the pretext of some vague concept call secularism and democracy. It’s crazy

    You guys, the secularism lovers and UN worshippers should properly call for change of constitution.. it’s seems that’s your enemy.

    Why bash Islam. That’s stupid

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