Maldives president weighs in on diplo drama

Maldives president weighs in on diplo drama
December 25 20:41 2017

President Abdulla Yameen has criticized diplomats for speaking about foreign policy issues in the islands, after authorities banned councils from meeting envoys without prior written permission.

He said foreign policy should be discussed with the government but denied accusations his administration did not not respect diplomats, saying there were rules they needed to adhere to.

“If the diplomats and visitors are visiting different islands in Maldives to offer aid to the people, the processes in international treaties is that it is done through the government, if the aid is being given by one country to another or one government to another,” he said.

“When a diplomat goes and [before letting the government know] tells some people in an island that they are going to do something for the community and when it is not done, the government is responsible and has to explain why it did not happen.”

The government has been criticised for barring local councils from meeting foreign diplomats. A Local Government Authority order banned such meetings without permission from Malé even as the Indian Ambassador Akhilesh Mishra and his British counterpart were visiting islands.

Yameen hit back at opposition accusations of tyranny.

“This government is not the tyrannical one. This government has not arrested and jailed people. If arresting and jailing someone is a punishment, it is something that has been done since ancient times in the Maldives.”

He said that punishment became tyranny when it was done outside the law and established systems, challenging people to prove something like that had taken place.

Yameen made the remarks as he inaugurated various projects. But there were protests in Kendhoo against his visit, criticising unfulfilled pledges.

The police removed the banners, placards and posters.

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  1. 100%Hindu
    December 26, 04:46 #1 100%Hindu

    Enough is enough. Why does India tolerate these snubs from from a small and insignificant country overrun with radical mullahs from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan?There is no freedom of religion in Maldives and some innocuous decorative sphinxes were recently removed from a resort as some fat beardies from the Islamic ministry objected to these ‘idols’.
    The sooner we have a Trump style travel ban and keep these wahabbis out of India the better.

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    • Lol
      December 26, 10:59 Lol

      @100 Hindu
      Most Maldivians will agree with you. The less Maldivians travel to india the better. This is why more restrictions from india is actually so FANTASTIC for Maldives.
      It’s a global village now and being big is actually a disadvantage to being nimble small and insignificant

      Get it.. you definitely need to eat good tuna suchi to develop proper neurons

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