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Ukrainian tourist killed in bus accident

The bus driver fell asleep on the wheel.



A Ukranian tourist was killed Monday morning after she was run over by a bus in the capital’s suburb Hulhumalé.

“The accident is believed to have happened because the driver fell asleep,” police informed the media.

The Maldivian man who was driving the bus has since been taken into custody.

The accident occurred near the Fuel Supply station and was reported at 6:37am, police said. None of the passengers were injured.

The 31-year-old woman was out walking with a Maldivian friend, according to media reports.

Both women ran when they saw the bus out of control and headed towards them, but the Ukranian woman’s feet got stuck on the side of the road and the bus ran over her, veered off the road and crashed into the bushes.

The bus service between Hulhumalé and the capital Malé is provided by the state-owned Maldives Transport and Contracting Company.

Following the accident, MTCC CEO Hassan Shah told Mihaaru that bus drivers are not overworked but pledged to provide further training.

“Even now, out of an eight-hour duty [shift], drivers have to drive for four hours. They have to be on standby for the other four hours,” he was quoted as saying.