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News in brief: Seven injured in fuel boat fire

The fire victims are in stable condition.



Seven people were injured after a fuel boat caught fire at the harbour of the capital’s suburb island of Vilimalé on Tuesday night.

Eyewitnesses told the media that the fire broke out after a speedboat was about to take off after refuelling from the fuel boat. The fire was reported around 10:40pm, according to the Maldives National Defence Force. Six people were burned and an MNDF firefighter sustained head injuries. The fire also affected another vessel near the fuel boat but was quickly put out.

Four people were released after treatment at the Vilimalé hospital and three were transferred to the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Malé. Their condition was stable, state media reported on Wednesday morning.

Photo from PSM

Fuvahmulah named ‘Best Place to Dive with Sharks in Asia’

Fuvahmulah atoll has been named the ‘Best Place to Dive with Sharks in Asia’ by ZuBlu diving.

The unique southern atoll-island has more than 20 known dive sites that are home to tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks, thresher sharks and silvertip sharks as well as oceanic manta rays, barracudas, yellowfin tuna, bonitos, sailfish, Mola mola and pilot whales.

Gasim pledges to remain with President Solih until 2023

Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim on Tuesday night pledged to support President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and remain in the ruling coalition until the end of the current five-year term.

But the JP’s support does not mean that the party would not field a candidate in 2023, the tourism tycoon said at a rally in Malé.

As part of its preparations for the next presidential election, the JP has been recruiting new members and seeking to open branches on all inhabited islands. Several leadership figures from the former ruling party joined the JP last August.

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