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Umar Naseer’s passport confiscated

The former home minister wants to run for president.



Former home minister and presidential hopeful Umar Naseer has had his passport confiscated, local media reported Monday.

The Civil Court order was issued over money owed by a company which he has links to.

Whale Submarine was ordered to pay MVR1.8 million (US$116,793) to the pensions office. But Naseer and other directors have failed to pay the amount, so their passports have been withheld.

Naseer told that his passport had not been confiscated.

He has said he will run as an independent candidate in the September presidential election, but will be unable to do so if he has outstanding debts.

Naseer, who contested and lost in the 2008 presidential elections, is a long-time fan of imposing Islamic Shariah and the death penalty.

He has positioned himself as a politician who is tough on crime. During his time as home minister he banned street protests and tagged gangsters.