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Speaker expels MP Rozaina from parliament chamber

The Addu Meedhoo MP protested the speaker’s refusal to grant her a point of order.



Speaker Mohamed Nasheed ordered MP Rozaina Adam to leave the chamber during Thursday’s sitting of parliament for refusing to sit down and allow the budget debate to continue.

Both the speaker and MP for Addu Meedhoo are part of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party’s 65-seat super majority in the 87-member house.

Rozaina started loudly protesting after Nasheed refused to grant her a point of order while opposition Progressive Party of Maldives MP Ahmed Shiyam was speaking. Nasheed advised her twice to abide by the rules but she continued speaking over Dhaandhoo MP Yaugoob Abdulla.

After previously granting points of order to three other MDP MPs – all of whom sought to respond to the Naifaru MPs’ criticism of the government – Nasheed noted that a point of order could be raised only to bring loss of order or violation of standing orders to the speaker’s attention and urged his colleagues to allow the opposition lawmaker to finish his budget speech.

“We are now debating the budget of this Maldivian state. This is a multi-party political system. Different parties are represented here. It was the PPM’s [parliamentary group] leader who speaking. He was giving his budget speech,” he said.

“It will be clear to myself, too, when there is loss of order here. And even if it’s the leader of the Maldivian Democratic Party, Jumhooree Party, [Maldives Development Alliance] or [People’s National] Congress, this speaker will certainly respect political parties. And I very much appeal sincerely, this Majlis should function as the type of Majlis in developed countries.”

Opposition parties should be allowed to respond to the government’s budget, he added.

In a series of tweets, Rozaina accused Nasheed of violating the rules by refusing to allow her to raise a point of order. The standing orders require the speaker to grant points of order or explain why, she argued with a screenshot of the rules.

“I was unable to vote for a bill I proposed and wanted to vote for the most because my name was called and I was expelled for raising a point of order. Because I used a right granted by the Majlis rules. And because I tried to seek that right. This too is a type of justice,” she wrote.