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Protests after boxes removed from presidential property

The president’s office said the boxes contained private property.



Opposition supporters Monday night protested the removal of boxes from a presidential property in the capital.

Raajje TV reported that two trucks had removed several boxes from Mulee-aage, which is being used by the first lady as her office. It follows President Abdulla Yameen conceding defeat in the election.

Videos seen by the Maldives Independent showed two trucks, with tarpaulin covering the boxes in the back, leave the building.

People gathered outside the state vehicles maintenance unit in Malé after the trucks were seen entering the compound. A small crowd of opposition supporters demanded the media be let in to see what was being removed from Mulee-aage.

Police pushed back the crowds barricading a small part of the road that led to the compound, before the trucks were allowed to move out with the cargo.

Maldives Independent reporters at the scene said the tarpaulin was taken off the trucks once they had left the compound.

President’s Office spokesman Ibrahim Muaz Ali tweeted that the boxes contained Yameen’s private property, and that they were being removed as part of preparations for the smooth transfer of power to the opposition coalition.