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Police raid Dhidhdhoo council offices

Police said the office was searched in relation to an ongoing investigation but refused to provide details.



Police on Wednesday raided the island council office in Dhidhdhoo, northern Haa Alifu atoll.

It was searched in relation to an ongoing investigation but police refused to provide details, according to newspaper Mihaaru.

The raid follows the suspension of Dhidhdhoo island council on March 19 by the Local Government Authority (LGA).

The council’s president Ali Hashim, vice president Mohamed Hashim, councillors Ahmed Firaq and Aminath Zuhura were suspended along with 13 other councillors from four other island councils and the Addu City council.

The 17 councillors had called for the execution of the February 1 Supreme Court order to release political prisoners.

If “an offence of the same degree” is repeated, High Court orders will be sought to dissolve the opposition-dominated councils, the LGA, a supervisory body chaired by Home Minister Azleen Ahmed, warned at the time.