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More than 37,000 people re-register to vote

About 260,000 people are eligible to vote in the presidential election.



More than 37,000 people living in places other than the island of their permanent residence have re-registered to vote, according to the Elections Commission.

“This is a high number,” EC member Ahmed Akram told Mihaaru on Monday. “We are expecting 60 to 70 thousand people will have registered before the deadline, just like in previous elections.”

Thousands of voters who live overseas, work in resorts or live in the capital with their permanent address elsewhere will have until Saturday August 11 to re-register.

Akram said all parties have submitted forms on behalf of people wanting to re-register. The commission takes about two days to process forms submitted in bulk, but small numbers are processed right away.

The joint opposition has accused the ruling party and EC of trying to disenfranchise voters through the re-registration process.

More than 62,000 voters re-registered for the 2014 parliamentary elections.

About 260,000 people are eligible to vote this year.

Photo: @ElectionsMV