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Maldives government mocked over ‘invisible’ power station

The President’s Office is taking credit for a power station that does not exist.



The Maldives government has been mocked for claiming to have spent MVR3.5 million (US$227,000) to build a power station in Hithaadhoo island, Baa Atoll, except the facility does not exist and there is no evidence of construction work.

The Ravvehi Tharaqqee website and booklet, prepared by the President’s Office, says the money was spent to complete the project.

But, according to local news website Hithaadhoo Online, building has not started.

“Some people are saying a glass powerhouse has been built in Hithaadhoo and others are saying a noiseless power house has been built,” an article read.

Island council president Abdul Azeez confirmed to VFP that no construction work has been done.

“The booklet marks it as a completed project but no practical work has been done. We have even shared this information with the President’s Office but they haven’t responded yet.”

He also said that the other projects mentioned in the booklet and website have been completed and the only ongoing project is a futsal stadium.

According to the Ravvehi website, MVR12.5 million has been spent on 11 development projects for Hithaadhoo island.

These include repairing the health centre, waste management, developing a sports arena through state funds and building six classrooms with MVR3.6 million from the World Bank.

Photo: Hithaadhoo Online