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Ibu meets Sheikh Imran, police chief

It was Solih’s first meeting with a coalition partner since winning the election.



Ibrahim Mohamed Solih met Adhalaath Party leader Sheikh Imran Abdulla Monday night, his first meeting with a coalition partner since defeating President Abdulla Yameen in the recent election.

The details of the meeting were not revealed.

Solih visited Imran at his home, where he is serving a 12-year sentence for a terror conviction.

He was transferred to house arrest in July. An AP source said he had rejected a presidential pardon from Yameen, who tried to woo him over to the ruling party.

Spokeswoman Mariya Didi said Solih also met acting police commissioner Abdulla Nawaz, who on Tuesday paid a courtesy call to the president-elect and his running mate Faisal Naseem at their campaign office.

Former police intelligence chief Mohamed Hameed also joined the meeting as a member of Solih’s team, local media reported, but the details of this meeting were not disclosed either.

Photo: @MDPSecretariat