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Supreme Court overrules Adeeb house arrest order

The High Court ordered Adeeb’s temporary transfer pending a judgment on an appeal.



The Supreme Court has overruled a High Court order to transfer former vice president Ahmed Adeeb from prison to house arrest.

The apex court granted a stay order on Tuesday afternoon halting enforcement of the High Court’s order after an appeal by the police, prisons authority and home ministry. The authorities contended the transfer order violated a Supreme Court precedent.

The former vice president was taken back to the Maafushi prison shortly after the Supreme Court order.

Adeeb was brought home Monday night after the High Court order earlier in the day.

The High Court was hearing an appeal of a civil court decision to reject a case filed by Adeeb over alleged lack of access to medical care. As requested by Adeeb’s lawyers, judges ordered a temporary transfer pending a judgment on the appeal, overruling objections from state attorney.

According to media reports of Monday’s High Court hearing, Adeeb’s supporters and family members cheered the court order, with some relatives prostrating in a prayer of gratitude.

Adeeb – who was convicted on multiple counts of corruption and terrorism and sentenced to 33 years – was hospitalised earlier this month for emergency medical care, days after was taken back to prison after more than a month under house arrest.

His return to prison was condemned by his Maldives Third-Way Democrat party. It was contrary to doctor’s recommendation to keep him home for two months to recover from a surgery to remove kidney stones, the MTD and Adeeb’s family contended.

Adeeb was brought back to hospital again last week after he reportedly fainted inside his jail cell. But he was taken back after he was discharged.