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19 ministries in Solih’s cabinet

A 16 percent drop in the wage bill was promised with 100 fewer political appointees.



President-elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s cabinet will have new ministries but fewer political appointees, his spokeswoman Mariya Ahmed Didi announced Tuesday.

There will be a 16 percent drop in the wage bill as the number of political appointees will be reduced, the lawmaker told the press, as there are more than 700 political posts in the 15 ministries of President Abdulla Yameen’s outgoing administration.

The number of appointees will be reduced by about 100, she added.

There will be 19 line ministries in Solih’s administration, not including the Attorney General’s office.

Cabinet ministers, who are expected to be nominated by the four coalition partners, will be announced later, Mariya said.

Solih is due to take the oath of office on November 17.

New ministries:

  • Ministry of higher education
  • Ministry of transport and civil aviation
  • Ministry of arts, culture and heritage
  • Ministry of communication, science and technology
  • Ministry of national planning and infrastructure

Changes to the mandates of existing ministries:

  • Ministry of fisheries, marine resources and agriculture (from fisheries and agriculture)
  • Ministry of gender, family and social services (from gender and family)
  • Ministry of housing and urban development (from housing and infrastructure)
  • Ministry of youth, sports and community empowerment (from youth and sports)

Three ministries to be renamed:

  • Ministry of defense (from defence and national security)
  • Ministry of finance (from finance and treasury)
  • Ministry of environment (from energy and environment)

Seven ministries remain the same:

  • Ministry of home affairs
  • Ministry of foreign affairs
  • Ministry of Islamic affairs
  • Ministry of education
  • Ministry of tourism
  • Ministry of health
  • Ministry of economic development