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‘Mentally-ill’ foreign woman restrained by police

The woman is a patient at ADK hospital, from where she had apparently run away.



ADK Hospital on Sosun street. – File photo

A foreign woman, thought to be mentally-ill, was restrained by police outside a mosque in Malé on Wednesday night.

Police said that officers out on patrol were asked to help restrain a woman near the Sosun magu – Ameer Ahmed Hingun junction in Henveiru ward at around 7pm on Wednesday. The woman, of Caucasian appearance and seemingly middle aged, is a patient at ADK hospital, from where she had apparently run away.

“A mentally-ill person taken for treatment to ADK hospital disobeyed helpers and fled the hospital. At around 19:08, a police beat near the Sosun magu Ameer Ahmed junction was asked to help take the person back to the hospital,” a police spokesperson told the media.

The woman was restrained by police and taken back to the hospital in a police vehicle, police said.

The police did not identify the patient as a foreign woman, but a video posted on social media shows three police officers restraining a caucasian woman at the entrance of Iskandharu mosque.

The woman was shouting “Help me please!”, as the officers restrained her, with a struggle but using a minimum of force. Two Caucasian men were with the woman and helped officers restrain her.

Police said there was no disturbance inside the mosque despite local media reports to the contrary.

“She was a mentally-ill person. There was no disorder inside the mosque,” a police spokesperson told the Maldives Independent. 

ADK hospital did not comment further on the incident.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Private Tourist

    June 30, 2019 at 2:51 PM

    I very much doubt she was mentally ill and managed to board a plane to Maldives. Something else going on here. She probably experienced the total lack of use by medical staff of rubber gloves when examining patients and especially when taking blood. Patients should not have to ask staff to wash their hands as the signs display. It probably freaked her out. It did me.

    I was unfortunate to have tests at the hospital due to being severely dehydrated on arrival at Male. I have seen it with my own eyes the total lack of basic hygiene of medical staff when interacting with patients. Floors, walls and toilets disgusting.

    No wonder she ran and was screaming for help.

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