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WAMCO takes over Malé cleaning

Malé city council warned earlier this week there was a threat of disease because of littering in the capital.



The state-owned Waste Management Corporation has taken over the cleaning of Malé, days after the city council warned about the risk of disease because of littering.

Road-sweeping and waste collection was previously done by the housing ministry, which seized trash disposal and collection responsibilities from the city council three years ago.

Environment Minister Thoriq Ibrahim and Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu signed an agreement on Thursday for WAMCO to takeover the work.

Environment Minister Thoriq Ibrahim said there would be a crack down on littering.

“There are some areas where people just throw the waste regularly [on the road]. From today our law enforcement will also work more effectively. We will take strict action against people who throw waste on the street with the help of police. We won’t let this city become a mess because of a few people,” Thoriq told reporters.

The per capita waste generation in the capital is estimated to be 1.7kg per day with an annual increase of four percent.

Waste collected from the capital is transported to the nearby landfill island of Thilafushi, where it is stockpiled and usually incinerated.

According to the environment ministry, some 255,826 metric tonnes of solid waste was generated in Malé in 2014, a 155 percent increase over the preceding decade.

As WAMCO takes over the cleaning of the capital, institutions and private companies have joined together for a large clean-up event to be held on Saturday.

WAMCO estimates around 3,000 people will volunteer.