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Weekend stabbings in the Maldives

One victim was stabbed in the neck, abdomen and head.



A man was arrested Sunday after a stabbing in Fuvahmulah, police told the Maldives Independent.

The attack was reported to police at 8:20 pm on Saturday.

“He was stabbed multiple times,” hospital manager Mohamed Faruzaad said of the 33-year-old victim. “The cuts were not deep, but they were long. He was stabbed in the neck, in the abdomen and also in his head. We stitched up the cuts and discharged him.”

Separately, a 21-year old man was assaulted on Dhuvaafaru island, Raa atoll. The incident was reported around 12:45 am Sunday.

He was transferred to Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital in the atoll’s capital due to the severity of his injuries. He was stabbed in the abdomen, below his rib cage and also in his back.

Police are investigating but no arrests have been made so far. A fight broke out between two gang members, a council member told local media.

There have been 53 cases of assault reported to police so far in September. There were 83 cases reported in August.