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Probe into migrant workers arrested for brewing alcohol



Police are investigating two migrant workers who were arrested for brewing alcohol in Male’.

One Bangladeshi and one Indian worker were arrested late Thursday in an operation carried out by the Drug Enforcement Department. The officers searched the residential premises with a court warrant.

Possession and distribution of alcohol without a licence is a crime in the Maldives, although it is allowed on resorts for guests.

The migrant workers were caught with 53 500ml bottles of alcohol, in addition to seven five-litre bottles of alcohol. They have been given a seven-day detention period.

A police spokesman said they were being kept in custody, but declined to comment further.

The Bangladesh and Indian embassies were unaware of the arrest when contacted by the Maldives Independent.

“There is no agreement between the Maldivian government and the Bangladeshi government regarding arrested citizens of Bangladesh,” said Al Maumoon, a welfare officer at the Bangladesh embassy.

“The police are yet to inform us regarding this arrest through writing,” said Shri Wikram Rawal, an Indian embassy welfare official.  “We are waiting for details on this case. We have requested this information from the police.”