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Mugging attempt foiled by onlookers

Onlookers stopped a man who tried to rob an expatriate at knife-point.



Members of the public intervened to stop an armed robbery in Malé on Monday night.

A 27-year-old man tried to rob an expatriate worker at knife-point when onlookers intervened and assaulted him, police informed the media.

He was taken to hospital for treatment minor injuries. The incident occurred in the Maafannu of the capital just after evening prayers.

Eight robberies were reported before sunset during the first day of Ramadan, police said, including the theft of MVR300,000 (US$19,470) from an office in Malé.

An annual spike in cases of theft and robbery is usually recorded during the fasting month. As working hours start later than usual during Ramadan, robberies occur in the early morning when most people are asleep.