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More than 130 cases of violence against children in March

There were 38 cases of physical abuse and 32 cases of sexual abuse.



More than half the 253 cases reported to the gender ministry in March involved violence against children, including 38 cases of physical abuse and 32 cases of sexual abuse.

The figure was up from 105 cases of violence against children reported in February. The 128 cases of violence against children reported during January included 28 cases of sexual abuse.

According to the March statistics published Monday, there were 35 cases of negligence, 32 cases of sexual abuse, 14 cases of emotional abuse, six cases of witness to domestic violence, three cases of cyber bullying and two cases of bullying and harassment.

Child abuse and sexual abuse remain key problems in the Maldives. A mandatory child sex offenders’ registry was published in 2015.

Gender ministry statistics for 2017 confirmed a rise in child sex abuse cases, with more than 400 reported during the year.

Some 38 cases involving gender-based violence and domestic violence were also reported in March.

“The most frequently reported cases involve forms of physical abuse, of which 12 cases were reported during this period,” the ministry noted.

“Other cases reported in this category involve seven cases of emotional or verbal abuse, seven cases of sexual abuse, five cases of intimidation, two cases of sexual harassment, two cases of rape, two cases of negligence, one case of controlling behaviour and one case of economic and financial abuse.”

The gender ministry also attended to one case of a child who was refused access to education. Five cases involved violation of the right to safe drinking water or electricity.

Behavioural problems of children reported during the month included five cases of children running away and four cases of refusal to attend school.

There were 14 cases of custody or access, eight cases of parenting issues and three cases of child maintenance.

Five cases of minors in conflict with the law included one case of theft and four cases of vandalism and damage to property.