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Maldives prison authority blamed for inmate’s seven-toe amputation

The inmate had a blocked nerve.



Maldives Correctional Service is being blamed for an inmate losing seven toes, local media reported, with his family saying medical attention was either delayed or denied.

Ahmed Nafiu, from Lhaviyani Naifaru, was serving a seven-month jail term for obstructing a person’s rights.

He had a blister on his big toe when he went into prison, according to a family member.

His relative Mohamed Nazim told cnm the blister spread and that the pain in Nafiu’s foot increased. The inmate asked to see doctors but the request was not granted.

“Even though he was not taken to a doctor he used some medicines given to him by the prison for the pain,” Nazim said. A doctor later issued medicine, but Naifu refused to apply it without specialist advice.

He was taken to ADK hospital where a doctor was consulted, Nazim said, but Nafiu was denied a follow-up appointment because his release date was looming. A consultation eventually revealed a blocked nerve and seven toes had to be amputated.

The family is suing MCS under the Anti-Torture Act.

A negligence complaint has been submitted to the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives, which has taken statements from Nafiu.