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Body found with injuries in suspected murder

The body was found with burns and torn skin on the southern Villigili island.



The family of a man found dead on the island of Villigili in Gaaf Alif atoll suspect he was murdered.

The body was found with burns and torn skin Sunday morning inside a boat shed in an uninhabited area of the southern island, according to media reports.

The deceased has been identified as Hussain Simad from the Hithadhoo island of Addu City. He was married to a woman from Villigili and living on the island with their child.

“I strongly believe this is a murder. There were things inside his eyes. We have been informed that he was severely beaten,” a family member told

The family said he was reported missing on Saturday evening and police were notified twice.

The body was taken to the Gaaf Alif hospital for forensic tests. The injuries do not appear to have been caused by a sharp object, a police media official said.

Police have yet to reveal any further information.

Graphic photos of the body have been circulating on social media.

Simad, who had a criminal record, was among suspects arrested over a robbery from the island’s Bank of Maldives branch in November, Raajje reported. It is unclear why he was released.

Speculation is reportedly rife on the island about the motive for the suspected murder. While some allege it was likely connected to the bank robbery, other say he could have died of an electric shock.