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Bangladeshi killed over homosexual advances

Three Bangladeshi co-workers confessed to the murder.



A Bangladeshi man named Luthufaru who went missing from Uligan island last month was killed by his co-workers over unwanted homosexual advances, police have revealed.

Four Bangladeshis men who worked and lived on the Kurimagu 1 boat with the victim were arrested after human remains were found underwater earlier this month.

Briefing the press on Thursday, Superintendent Hassan Shifau said the victim’s body had been sunk with weights off the island’s harbour after Luthufaru was strangled to death.

Photos of a skull and bones found 27 meters under the sea were shown at the press conference. Bags loaded with rocks and tied with rope were also found underwater.

Three suspects have since confessed to the murder, according to Sub-Inspector Mohamed Samih, head of the homicide department. The Bangladeshi crewmembers told the court “in great detail” how they committed the murder when they were taken for remand hearings, Samih added.

Earlier this week, the three men re-enacted the murder for police officers.

Luthufaru, who worked as a chef, was reported missing on April 22. Two suspects, Alamin and Noorul Islam, were arrested on May 1, while M D Ahthar and Haneef Brother were arrested on the following day. The investigation established that the latter had been asleep at the time of the murder.

Luthufaru was killed over unwanted advances and forced attempts to have sex, the suspects told police.